Terms & Conditions

Product Availability  

We try our best to keep the content in our website up to date.

Generally, we remove out-of-stock items from our product list immediately.

But sometimes we have the items when you placed your order but run out of them at delivery time.

The out-of-stock items will remove from you order the the rest of your order sent.

We will not resent you the items when the item become available again in our store.

Your will have to re-order them in a seperate order.



Order/Payment Security

We understand your concern of on-line shopping security.  We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology to secure your transaction. 

SSL is used by most of the online e-stores and online banks.  All credit card information is transmitted through the SSL secure channel. 

To protect your account, we ask you not to share your login and password with others.  You can easily change your password by clicking 

the Account button on the top bar after you logged in.



Privacy Policy

We respect the information you share with us as personal and confidential.

Any information we collect from you is strictly for the purpose of processing your order.

We will not share or sell any of your information to others.